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Senior Producers, Editors, Chiefs of Staff, Presenters and Journalists.

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Our Next #PressThePress Events

27 March 2020


Social Media | helping or hindering

Media Forum | ‘Is social media helping or hindering public debate?’

MELBOURNE – 27 March 2020 – 7:30am to 8:30am

Listen to leading Australian journalist discuss how social media is shaping the media landscape and what that means for the news cycle and public policy.

Why #PressThePress?

Because we know there are important issues you want to talk about.

And there’s no better or faster way to achieve this than with regular press coverage.

In this exclusive event designed for peak bodies, we’ll introduce you to key media covering your industry and help you get better press coverage, more often.

#PressThePress is a media access event like no other: it’s democracy in action. We bring together Australia’s key media decision makers with peak body leaders, trailblazers and experts to network, explore ideas and build relationships.

What’s it about?

This is your chance to press the flesh: meet journalists representing some of Australia’s biggest print, online and broadcast media, and understand the challenges they face in an age of digital and social media saturation.

#PressThePress is designed to demystify the media and help you understand how the news cycle spins. You’ll learn the secrets of pitching a powerful story, the optimum way to reach your target media, plus the expectations they have of you and what you should expect of them. Successfully engaging the media is challenging, but it is possible: the media are always looking for new contacts, new stories and new perspectives – our role is to help you position your content as valuable to them!

The event format will include both expert panels and workshops, giving you maximum opportunity to learn and connect.

Who’s it for?

We’ve created this event as a gateway for CEOs, Peak Bodies, brand managers and communications professionals to get up close and personal with key media contacts covering your industry.

If you’re ready to get off the fence, boost your profile and build your brand, this is the event for you. Secure your spot at #PressThePress and start making an impact now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be actual media staff there?

Yes, you’ll get to meet Senior Producers, Editors, Chiefs of Staff, Presenters and Journalists who report on YOUR industry.

Is my particular sector covered?

We’ll be holding events for the Finance sector, Not-For-Profit sector, Health sector, Education sector and Legal Industry – if you work in one of these areas, be sure to come to the event that targets your industry!

Need more info?

If you’d like more details about our #PressThePress events, feel free to contact us on 1300 258 995 or 0400 646 010.

You can also drop us a line anytime by filling in the form below.

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